Please be aware that we have multiple vendors currently active on Pacific Island Trade. We have K&K Island Pride Super Market on Majuro of the Marshall Islands, and we also have Lei-Side Store on Weno Chuuk of the FSM. When placing an order, please be sure that you are filling your shopping cart with items from the right vendor.

      Majuro Shoppers: Please note that merchandise bought online can only be collected at K&K Wholesales department. The Wholesale is closed on Sundays. Gift Certificates are used at Retail Store, and they are open 7 days a week. However, Gift Certificates purchased on Sunday (Island time) will be available for collection the Monday after since the department responsible for issuing gift certificates is also closed Sundays.

      We are actively looking for an Ebeye Vendor to become part of our family. If anyone knows of a good reliable Ebeye Wholesales company we can partner with, please let us know. You can either email us at admin@pacificislandtrade.com, or you can call (509)868-6167.

      Please make sure your Family on island collects your purchased goods within 2 weeks of placing order. If you need more time beyond the 2 weeks period, please let us know by emailing admin@pacificislandtrade.com to avoid cancellation.


      Q: Where do I indicate the name of the person picking up my order?
      A: No need to indicate name of person picking up the order. Anyone on island can collect your order as long as they have the buyers name and the order number.

      Q: Where do I get my order number?
      A: Once your order is completed, you will receive an email confirmation which will have your receipt, purchase detail, and your order number.

      Q: Who’s information do I put on my order?
      A: All information you put on the order should match the information associated with the payment card you are using for the order. If the name and address you put down, does not match the name and address associated with the payment card, your bank will not authorize the payment.

      Q: When will my order be ready for pickup?
      A: Your order will be ready for pickup within an hour of you receiving your email confirmation.

      Majuro, Marshall Islands
      (K&K Supermarket)
      Wholesale Food & Supplies

      Weno, Chuuk FSM
      (Lei Side Store)
      Wholesale Food & Supplies

      Pacific Island Trade
      316 E Cooper Lane
      Colbert Washington

      Customer Service
      Marshallese: (509)263-0823
      Chuukese: (509)868-6167
      English: Either number is good.