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Bottled Water Calrose Rice Bakers Flour
Crystal Geyser (24 count of .5 ltr. bottles) Micronesia Star Calrose Rice 15 pounds fmf Brand Bakers Flour (10 kg bag)
Jasmine Rice Ice Cream Cones Sugar (Lin Brand)
Premium 20 lbs. Jasmine Rice Joy Brand - Ice Cream Cones (112 count - Case) case of 12, 1 kilogram sacks
FRC 20 lbs. RICE KIM CHE Brand Noodle Bowl Vienna Sausage
20 pounds FRC Brand Premium Quality Rice 12 X 80 gram Bowls of Spicy Kim-Chi Noodle Bowls per case LIBBY'S BRAND - Vienna Sausage 18 X 4.3 ounce CASE
Sapporo Ichiban Ramen Soda Pops Juice Drinks
Soda Pops
: $20.37
Sapporo Ichiban Ramen (Case - 24 X 3.5 ounce) Name Brand Soda Pops Case 24X12 ounce Cans Hawaiian Sun Fruit Drinks Case 24X11.5 ounce Cans
Pure Milk Simmons Quarter Legs 22 Pounds Breakfast Crackers
Pure Milk
: $20.50
Meadow Fresh Brand - Full Cream Milk 12 X 1 liter ctns. CASE Simmons Brand Quality Leg Qtrs. - 22 pounds Case fmf Brand Breakfast Crackers (5 kg container)
Ice Cream Kids Juice Drinks Simmons Quarters Legs 33 Pounds
Ice Cream
: $29.89
Hiland Brand (ALL Flavors) 3 Gallon Tub - Party Size Zest-O Juice Mix and Match (Apple/Orange/Mango/Pineapple/Grape- flavors) 100 X 250 ml pouches Simmons Brand Quality Leg Qtrs - 33 pound Case
Turkey Tail Vegetable Oil Pork Spare Ribs
Turkey Tail
: $32.99
20 pound case King's Choice Brand - Vegetable Oil (5 Gallon Jug) Pork Spare Ribs 20 Pound CASE
Turkey Neck Kona Coffee $40 Gift Certificate
Turkey Neck
: $35.87
Kona Coffee
: $39.34
30 pounds case Turkey Neck UCC Brand - Kona Blended Coffee 24 X  12 ounce Case $40 Gift Certificate to be used at the K&K Retail Store. Certificate must be used in its entirety in one single transaction. No change will be returned to customer. No Alcohol or Tobacco products are to be purchased using the GC.
Turkey Wings Flavored Coffee Creamer Franks Hot Dog
30 pounds case of Turkey Wings Nestle Brand Coffee Mate Coffee Creamer (Flavors - French Vanilla or Hazelnut) 6 X  15 ounce CASE Jumbo Franks Brand - (1 pound, 8 pc. X 24 packages - Case)
Turkey Drums Mackerel in Coco Milk & Oil Breakfast Cereal
30 pound case Sun Flower Coco-SABA Brand Mackerel in Coconut Milk (24 X 6.7 ounce CASE) Western Family Brand - 8 X 32 ounce CASE (1 flavor per case)
Flavors: Frosted Flakes/Rainbow/Apple Rolls/Cocoa Mo's/Zany Fruits