We have traveled far from home for various reasons. Some of us in search of work, some for education, and others for health purposes, just to name a few. For whatever reason we have drifted or how far we have wandered, we are never one to ever forget our roots. We are Family Strong
, we are Pacific Islanders.

As a people of strong cultural values, we learn to rely on family, help and provide for one another, and take care of each other. The distance between us does not change or have any effect on the family bond we learn to treasure and respect. It is the sharing and providing for one another that gives strength to the family. It is the family that is common throughout our little cultural differences. Our family is our 401K, our Insurance, and our Security. This very quality in our culture is what sets us apart from many others.

Pacific Island Trade is the first of its kind. It provides the unique opportunity for those of us who are living abroad to purchase goods online for family members back home. Our Vendors back home are already well established businesses that everyone should be familiar with. No shipping necessary.

Now, to satisfy a popular customer request... your purchased items will be available within the hour. Your family back home can pickup your ordered goods on the same day. As soon as you receive your confirmation email, you can call your family to go pickup your ordered goods within the hour for as long as our local vendors are open for business.

Currently we are servicing the following Islands with more underway.

  • Majuro, Marshall Islands
    (K&K Supermarket)
    Wholesale Food & Supplies

  • Weno, Chuuk FSM
    (Lei Side Store)
    Wholesale Food & Supplies

  • Weno, Chuuk FSM
    (Shigeto Corporation)
    Hardware Products

Like you, ‘Pacific Island Trade’ is also ‘Family Strong!

Pacific Island Trade
7032 N Greenwood Blvd.
Spokane Washington

(509) 263-0823